Handy hand-held brake pipe flaring tool — makes flaring brake pipes easy when access is restricted

The compact design of this new brake pipe flaring tool from Laser Tools (part number 6728) means that it is particularly suited to on-vehicle use, making it very convenient and a real time saver. Under a wheel arch or even underneath the vehicle, its small size, light weight and robust construction makes flaring brake pipes an easy task even when access is difficult.

The set includes dies and punches for the two most common brake pipe sizes: 4.75mm and 3/16" diameter and can produce both DIN single flares and SAE double flares.

Easy to use, the device is hand-held and the flare type is marked on the cast body. A pipe stop-plug is provided and the brake pipe is inserted until it can go no further; this sets the correct length of pipe presented to the punch and ensures a perfectly formed flare. The flare is completed simply by turning the punch into the cast body with a socket or spanner and thus compressing the pipe material. Suitable for copper, copper-nickel and steel brake pipes.

Available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

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Posted on Monday 06 February 2017
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