Quick and extremely accurate method of testing brake fluid safety

Non-silicone based brake fluids absorb moisture over their service life and braking efficiency and safety is greatly reduced. As the level of moisture in the brake fluid increases, the boiling point gets lower, and the fluid cannot safely perform its vital function. Therefore brake fluid should be tested, and the most efficient and accurate method of testing brake fluid is to actually measure its boiling point. The Laser Tools Brake Fluid Boiling Point Tester (part number 6802) is designed to measure the boiling point of brake fluid very quickly and with digital accuracy.

It works on all grades of brake fluid, the bright LCD screen shows clearly the temperature the brake fluid has boiled at, and recommends whether the brake fluid in the vehicle should be replaced or not.

Quick and easy to set up, use the supplied syringe to collect a sample of brake fluid from the reservoir. Place this sample into the small glass container and then the probe from the device is placed into this fluid. Select the required grade of brake fluid on the device, and start the test. When the test has completed, the actual boiling point of the fluid is displayed, plus the standard dry and wet boiling points for the grade being tested. If “OK” is displayed, the brake fluid is within the safe range; if the warning symbol is displayed — brake fluid is going out of range — replacement is recommended; if the ‘X’ symbol is displayed — brake fluid is out of range and must be replaced immediately.

As most vehicle manufacturers recommend that brake fluid is changed every two years, the Laser Tools Brake Fluid Boiling Point Tester is an easy to use but very accurate method of testing brake fluid efficiency. You can then offer your customer accurate information with a very clear recommendation on how to proceed in this safety critical area of vehicle maintenance.

And the accuracy and calibration of the device can be easily checked by testing the boiling point of clean water; if it boils at 100°C, then your tester is 100% accurate!

This professional brake fluid tester is available now from your Laser Tools supplier.

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Posted on Thursday 09 February 2017
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