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Clean spark plug threads and the sealing seat in one action with this spark plug thread chaser
Wednesday 22 September 2021

Another service tool designed to get you out of trouble and speed things up — this special spark plug thread chaser from Laser Tools (part number 8083), also features an integrated flat seal-seat milling tool. ... read more

Sure grip on damaged and rounded-off fasteners with these adjustable wrench heads from Laser Tools
Wednesday 15 September 2021

Brand new to the Laser Tools range are these adjustable wrench heads with quick, single handed pull back adjustment to grip fixings such as nuts, bolts and setscrews, including single hex (6pt), bi-hex (12pt),... read more

Hard to reach fasteners? Try these new mini ratchets from Laser Tools
Thursday 09 September 2021

If a screw, bolt or other fastener is really difficult to access, perhaps on an engine, or under an inlet manifold, etc, a crows foot wrench can be the tool of choice to reach around or under obstacles. But there is an... read more

Laser Tools introduces new timing tool set for post-2017 Ford 1.0 EcoBoost engines
Monday 06 September 2021

The design of Ford’s latest version of the 1.0lt Ecoboost petrol engine has changed significantly from the original Ecoboost. Gone is the oil-wetted cam belt drive; the latest design is chain driven and this means the... read more

Logan’s Run: Laser Tools Racing supports Logan Hannah at Oulton Park, September 11/12
Thursday 02 September 2021

Scottish Formula Ford driver will race under the Laser Tools Racing banner at the British GT support races. Laser Tools Racing is proud to announce their support of Logan Hannah in the forthcoming Avon Tyres... read more

New large-jaw, self-grip locking pliers from Laser Tools
Tuesday 24 August 2021

Every tool box has a pair of self-grip or locking pliers — very useful and versatile tools — but what if you need to grip a large pipe or bar? Reach for these new large-jaw locking pliers from Laser Tools (part number... read more

Versatile new levelling car ramps — keep your motorhome level on uneven ground.
Thursday 19 August 2021

These new vehicle ramps from Laser Tools (part number 8068) are more than just strong, lightweight car and light commercial ramps, they also function as levelling ramps, with three lifting heights.Ideal for keeping... read more

Versatile, adjustable-head butane torch
Tuesday 27 July 2021

This is a very versatile little butane gas torch from Laser Tools (part number 7670) that offers two heat levels and three different head angles. The neat size plus adjustable head angles mean that this butane torch is... read more

Remove and adjust track rods with this track rod adjusting wrench from Laser Tools
Thursday 15 July 2021

Laser Tools’ new track rod adjusting wrench (part number 8038) is designed along the traditional pipe-wrench style, but with added features to make a comfortable and efficient method of removing and adjusting track rods... read more