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Correctly fit single and twin-ear hose clamps with these specially-designed hose clamp pliers
Tuesday 30 November 2021

Single-ear and twin-ear hose clamps are commonly used on both air and fluid lines, as they are ideal for demanding applications involving both soft or hard rubbers and plastics. The design also ensures a uniform... read more

New in the Laser Tools Racing bike tool range: lightweight alloy folding tool kit
Tuesday 23 November 2021

Cyclists — it’s important to carry a range of essential tools to enable you to carry out most road and trailside repairs — but they have to be lightweight and very compact in size. This Alloy Folding Tool Kit (part... read more

Handy screen washer jet adjuster fits all jets including the special ones fitted on Vauxhall and Mercedes-Benz
Tuesday 16 November 2021

Another useful tool to keep in your toolbox or overall pocket is this universal windscreen washer jet adjuster from Laser Tools (part number 8091). As well as the standard jet adjusting tube and cleaning needle,... read more

New vehicle battery tester from Laser Tools is easy to use and accurate
Friday 05 November 2021

As a quick, easy, convenient and accurate method of checking vehicle battery health, Laser Tools have recently introduced their Battery Tester (part number 8206). This is a compact unit that accurately tests battery... read more

Brake reservoir bleeder caps for Tesla models 3, S and X — allows independent workshops to bleed Tesla brakes as the manufacturer recommends
Thursday 28 October 2021

Electric cars may not need to be filled up with petrol but they still need to be serviced. Laser Tools are well known for their special service tools and for being the first to bring them to market — the latest are... read more

Brake fixings driver bit set from Laser Tools — plus a full range of brake screw fixings from Connect Workshop Consumables
Tuesday 19 October 2021

This new set of impact-quality drivers from Laser Tools (part number 8286) is specifically designed for the fixings used in disc and drum brakes. The set of five drivers includes hex (5mm, 6mm) and Torx® (T30, T40, and... read more

C-frame press uses your existing impact sockets as adaptor cups to enable it to fit multiple sizes of bushes, bearings and studs
Tuesday 12 October 2021

This C-frame socket press from Laser Tools (part number 7987) is a heavy-duty, professional press with a multitude of uses, but its big advantage is that it allows the use of readily available impact sockets to be used... read more

New range of Laser Tools Racing tool chests and roll cabinets — as used by the BTCC team!
Thursday 07 October 2021

Laser Tools Racing is the most exciting team in the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) — they are current Independent Team’s Champions and driver Ash Sutton is the current Driver’s Champion. Laser Tools are... read more

Keep warm and look cool, with these multifunction unisex snoods
Tuesday 05 October 2021

Winter or summer, you’ll be keeping warm, but you’ll certainly look cool, with these two multifunction unisex snoods from Laser Tools Racing.The spring/summer snood (part number 8057) is manufactured from a lightweight,... read more