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Neat and comprehensive spot repair sander & polisher kit

The Laser Tools spot repair orbital sander and polisher (part number 7683) is a compact but powerful air tool that is powered from the workshop compressed air supply (recommended pressure 90psi at the tool). This is a...
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Posted on Tuesday 18 February 2020

Hard to access fuel line connections? No problem for this new specialist fuel line socket set.

This new socket set from Laser Tools (part number 7636) is specifically designed to offer improved access to hard to reach fuel line connections. For example, injector connectors can be buried under a maze of pipework...
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Posted on Wednesday 15 January 2020

Pass new wires or cables through bulkhead grommets with ease

Whether fitting electrical accessories or repairing a wiring harness, it can be a real problem trying to pass wires or cables through from the engine bay or boot into the passenger compartment. Or when carrying out...
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Posted on Wednesday 08 January 2020

New sheet metal nibbler is conveniently powered by your cordless drill.

The nibbler is a popular and common power tool used for cutting sheet metal as it provides a much faster and less tiring alternative to hand tools. This new example from Laser Tools (part number 7693) is conveniently...
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Posted on Thursday 19 December 2019

New mini brake pipe cutter with ratcheting action

Modern brake pipe cutters can be quite small and compact but there are many instances when working on the car where there is still not enough clearance to turn the cutter around the whole circumference of the brake...
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Posted on Tuesday 03 December 2019

Quick and accurate readings from this new combined brake disc and tyre tread depth gauge

Have a look at this new combined brake disc and tyre tread depth gauge from Laser Tools (part number 7635). It’s a lightweight Vernier-style measuring tool that offers quick and accurate readings and its compact size...
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Posted on Monday 18 November 2019

New extension ratchet removes the parts other tools cannot reach

Now this is another interesting device from Laser Tools. The problem to solve: a fastener buried deep in the engine bay. It may be a pulley securing nut, a water pump mounting bolt or an A/C compressor adjustor. You may...
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Posted on Friday 08 November 2019

Versatile magnetic tool and bit organisers: keeps all these fiddly bits and socket adaptors easily accessible

If you’re well organised and like to keep your tools neat, tidy and clean, then these two magnetic tool organisers are sure to appeal. Part number 7530 takes 34 different tools including bits, bit drivers, socket...
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Posted on Wednesday 06 November 2019

New addition to the comprehensive Laser Tools insulated tool range — this VDE nut driver set

Laser Tools were one of the first UK tool distributors and manufacturers to fully embrace hybrid and battery electric vehicle technology by providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ for workshop high voltage vehicle requirements,...
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Posted on Thursday 31 October 2019

New portable inspection camera comes with high-resolution 5" colour display

The Laser Tools 7604 is a high performance industrial endoscope with a high resolution five-inch colour LCD display. This is a fully-featured instrument, ergonomically designed so that the main function buttons can be...
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Posted on Tuesday 29 October 2019
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