Stud Remover Set 5pc Part No. 4462

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£42.06 exc VAT
£50.47 inc VAT

Stud extractor set in short series for tight, restricted areas and complete with ratchet spanner

Additional Information

  • 4 x stud extractors and a Go-thru' ratchet spanner (plus 14mm & 17mm Go-thru'.)
  • Short, for tight restricted areas.
  • Spares available for all stud extractors: 6mm (OD 23.9mm) 1358, 8mm (OD 23.8mm) 1359, 10mm ( OD 27.8mm) 1360, 12mm (OD 27.8mm) 1361.
  • Sizes: 6 | 8 | 10 | 12
  • Supplied in a blow mould case.
Removing rusted, broken or corroded studs is a problem at the best of times and then there is the added frustration when access to them is restricted. To combat this, a set of short series stud removers has been teamed up with a lock on go thru' ratchet to make sure even the most inaccessible stud can be located. The concentric rollers grip onto the stud as the ratchet mechanism is applied and will continue to grip until the stud eventually twists off. The double ended ratchet has 14mm drive for the 6/8mm stud removers and 17mm for the 10/12mm. A blow mould case keeps the kit secure. Repairs and spares for all parts are available.
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4462 Product Information Sheet
We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.

  • Stud Extractor 6mm x 40mm from 4462 (Part No. 1358)
  • Stud Extractor 8mm x 40mm from 4462 (Part No. 1359)
  • Stud Extractor 10mm x 40mm from 4462 (Part No. 1360)
  • Stud Extractor 12mm x 40mm from 4462 (Part No. 1361)
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