Serpentine Belt Tool Kit - for BMW MINI Part No. 4770

Typical Price:

£191.36 exc VAT
£229.63 in VAT

This Mini service kit includes the serpentine belt tools required to remove and fit the auxiliary drive belts.

Additional Information

  • This set of tools enables the simple removal and replacement of the serpentine belt when servicing the chain driven engine.
  • Applications: One, Cooper, Cooper S; 1.6 petrol driven engines.
  • Engine codes: W10B16AA, W10B16BA, W11B16AA.
  • Supplied in metal storage case.
  • Full applications and guidance notes included.

Typical Price:

£191.36 exc VAT
£229.63 in VAT

Zestaw narzędzi do samochodów Mini do demontażu i montażu pasków klinowych.

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Ten zestaw pozwala na proste wyciągnięcie i wymianę paska klinowego.
  • Zastosowanie silniki benzynowe w MINIOne/Cooper/Cooper S 1.6.
  • Do silników o kodach: W10816AA/W10816BA/W11816AA.
  • Dostarczane w metalowym pudełku.
  • Załączone wskazówki i zasady stosowania.
The following are the descriptions of the parts within this set.

Component OEM Toolcodes Description
C435 11 8 410 Serpentine Belt Tensioning Tool - Cooper S
C436 11 8 470 Belt Tensioning Locking Pin 4mm
C437 11 8 280 Belt Tensioner Locking Pin 4.5mm
C438 11 8 390 Serpentine Bel Tensioning Tool - Mini One/Cooper
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4770 Product Information Sheet
4770 Product Information Sheet PL
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