Alldrive Go Thru Socket Set 1/4"D 17pc Part No. 5012

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A new addition to the AllDrive range is this 17 piece socket set with Go-thru' function.Manufactured from Chrome Vanadium in mirror finish.The Go-thru' function handles like a deep socket and fits AF, Metric, Spline, Star fixings. Also supplied is an adaptor which will allow the 45 teeth ratchet to be used with standard sockets and a hollow 75mm extension bar for recessed bolts.The ratchet can also be used with standard 1/4" shank bits.Socket sizes: 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14mm.

Additional Information

  • Go-thru' function.
  • Chrome Vanadium.
  • AllDrive tapered V profile.
  • 13 sockets, 39 applications.
  • 48 teeth ratchet.
This new Alldrive Go’thru Socket Set (part no: 5012) includes two of Laser Tools’ innovations — their unique Alldrive socket design that is capable of removing and tightening Metric, AF, Spline and Star fixings, this set even fits Whitworth and BA sizes — and the Go’thru design that lets you reach fixings that even conventional deep sockets cannot reach.

Incredibly useful, especially on older cars that were not always designed with access in mind, and for classic cars, where often a variety of fastener and thread types are used on one vehicle.

The Go’thru design lets the socket and compact 45-teeth ratchet driver run down the length of the threaded bolt or screw to reach the fastener. And no problems with these difficult recessed bolts — the set comes with a hollow 75mm extension bar for reaching these.

Particularly suited for adjusting tappets or handbrake mechanisms where access is needed to hold the threaded rod as the adjusting nut is tightened.

Two adaptors are included: one allows the ratchet to be used with standard 1/4" drive sockets and the other is for use with standard 1/4" shank bits.A useful addition to the tool kit. Expect to pay around £46.95

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