Oil Drain Set - for Mercedes 9G Tronic Transmission Part No. 7250

Typical Price:

£36.84 exc VAT
£44.21 inc VAT

For 9G Tronic transmission 725 on Mercedes-Benz

Additional Information

  • Applications Include: E350 Bluetec from 2013 and CLS models from 2014.
  • For 9G Tronic (725589029000, 725589009000) gearboxes.
  • Specially designed to assist in complete oil change.
  • Designed for drain and refill.

Typical Price:

£36.84 exc VAT
£44.21 inc VAT

Für 9G-Tronic-Getriebe 725 bei Mercedes-Benz

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Einsatzmöglichkeiten u. a.: E350 BlueTEC ab 2013 und CLS-Modelle ab 2014
  • Für G9-Tronic-Getriebe (725589029000, 72558909000)
  • Speziell entwickelt zur Unterstützung des Ölwechsels
  • Konzipiert für Ablassen und Nachfüllen
  • Gemäß OEM-Anweisungen einsetzen

Typical Price:

£36.84 exc VAT
£44.21 inc VAT

Pour transmission Mercedes Benz 9G Tronic 725

Information complémentaire

  • Les applications comprennent : E350 BlueTEC à partir de 2013 and modèles CLS à partir de 2014
  • Pour boîtes de vitesses G9 Tronic (725589029000, 72558909000)
  • Spécialement conçu pour faciliter une vidange complète
  • Conçu pour vidanger et remplir
  • À utiliser conformément aux instructions données par le constructeur

The 7250 is a three-piece set of special tools that are used when draining and refilling the automatic transmission fluid in Mercedes-Benz E-Class E350 BlueTEC fitted with the 9-speed 9G-Tronic transmission (transmission type 725.0xx).

This type of transmission can be fitted with two different sump types; the 7250 kit brings together the components needed to complete the draining and refilling job on both types. Cross references to the OE tools 725 589 00 90 00 and 725 589 02 90 00.

It should be noted that the operator will need a suitable transmission fluid pump with fluid measuring system (Laser Tools 4792 ATF dispenser recommended) plus Mercedes-Benz OEM electronic diagnostic equipment which checks fluid level and temperature. Refer to the manufacturer’s technical service instructions and documentation for the correct procedure for the specific transmission fitted.

A professional tool for the professional workshop and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier.

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