Swivel Impact Adaptor 1/2"D Part No. 7536

Typical Price:

£49.66 exc VAT
£59.59 inc VAT

Swivel impact adaptor set 1/2"D

Additional Information

  • Impact quality.
  • Manufactured from chrome molybdenum.
  • Replaceable quick change adaptor (consumable) - Replacement Part 7537.
  • Multi angle swivel for hard to reach areas.
  • 1/2"D.

Typical Price:

£49.66 exc VAT
£59.59 inc VAT

Schwenkbarer Schlagschraubeinsatz-Adaptersatz mit 1/2"-Antrieb

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Für Schlagschrauber geeignet
  • Aus SCM440-Stahl
  • Austauschbarer Schnellwechsel-Adapter (Verbrauchsmaterial) – Ersatzteil 7537
  • Mehrfach-Schwenkwinkel für schwer zugängliche Stellen
  • 1/2"-Antrieb

Typical Price:

£49.66 exc VAT
£59.59 inc VAT

Jeu d'adaptateurs impact pivotants à carré de 1/2"

Information complémentaire

  • Qualité impact
  • En acier SCM440
  • Adaptateur remplaçable à changement rapide (consommable) - Pièce de rechange 7537
  • Pivotement à plusieurs angles pour les endroits difficiles d'accès
  • Carré de 1/2"

Underneath the car, need to get the job done quickly, the fasteners are likely to be corroded, so you naturally reach for your trusty impact gun. But what if access is limited, you can't get a socket near the fastener? We could put a spanner onto to it, but we want to undo the fastener quickly! And we could do with the power of the impact gun. Laser Tools to the rescue! The new half-inch drive swivel impact adaptor (part number 7536) is designed for the impact gun.

The compact design and multi-angle swivel action allows access from a variety of angles. This adaptor is tough impact-quality, manufactured from high-tensile SCM440 steel which has better tensile strength and resistance to wear than chromium steels; and if the quick-change adaptor eventually wears out, just replace it (part number 7537). You will be surprised at what a difference fitting the swivel adaptor makes to ease of access with your impact gun. Use your impact gun in these inaccessible areas.

You’ll wonder how you did without it. A professional tool for the professional workshop and available now from your Laser Tools stockist.

We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.

  • Socket Adaptor for 7536 (Part No. 7537)
Consumable Item
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