Sheet Metal Nibbler - Cordless Drill Attachment Part No. 7693

Typical Price:

£102.88 exc VAT
£123.46 inc VAT

Designed to cut sheet metal with a cordless drill.

Additional Information

  • For cutting sheet Steel 1.0mm thick & Stainless Steel 0.8mm thick.
  • Aluminium body and composite grip.
  • For use with Cordless Drills with Quick Chuck connection.
  • Lubricate moving parts with light machine oil.
  • Hex drive allows replacement of Nibbler. Spare Nibbler Punch Bit available - Laser Part No. 61230.

Typical Price:

£102.88 exc VAT
£123.46 inc VAT

Dient zum Schneiden von Blech mit einem Akku-Bohrer.

Zusätzlichen Informationen

  • Zum Schneiden von Stahlblech von 1,0 mm Dicke und Edelstahl von 0,8 mm Dicke.
  • Aluminiumgehäuse und Verbundgriff.
  • Zur Verwendung mit Akku-Bohrern mit Schnellspannfutter.
  • Bewegliche Teile mit leichtem Maschinenöl schmieren.
  • Sechskantantrieb ermöglicht den Austausch des Nibblers. Ersatz-Nibblerstanzer verfügbar – Laser-Teilenr. 61230.

Typical Price:

£102.88 exc VAT
£123.46 inc VAT

Conçue pour la découpe des tôles avec une perceuse sans fil.

Information complémentaire

  • Pour la découpe des tôles de 1,0 mm d'épaisseur et de l'acier inoxydable de 0,8 mm d'épaisseur.
  • Corps en aluminium et manche en composite.
  • À utiliser avec des perceuses sans fil avec raccord de mandrin rapide.
  • Lubrifier les pièces mobiles avec de l'huile légère pour machine.
  • L'entraînement hexagonal permet le remplacement de la grignoteuse. Embout de poinçonnage de rechange pour grignoteuse disponible - N° de référence Laser 61230.

The nibbler is a popular and common power tool used for cutting sheet metal as it provides a much faster and less tiring alternative to hand tools. This new example from Laser Tools (part number 7693) is conveniently powered by your handy quick-chuck equipped cordless drill.

The nibbler has a lightweight aluminium body and composite handle to make it easy and comfortable to use. It has a smooth action that leaves the surrounding metal undistorted and is suitable for both straight cuts as well as being able to negotiate tight curves easily. Sheet steel up to 1.0mm thick can be cut and stainless steel 0.8mm thick.

Making longer straight cuts can be assisted by running the nibbler along a straight edge and to cut in the centre of a sheet, simply start off with a drilled hole. Nibblers are also particularly suited to cutting corrugated sheet metal.

A useful addition to the tool box and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier.

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