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Tool Connection appointed as exclusive distributor for all Cataclean products in UK, Rep Ireland and European territories
Friday 30 October 2020

The Tool Connection has announced that they have been appointed exclusive distributor of all Cataclean Global Limited products for UK, Rep of Ireland, and European territories. The new agreement takes effect on 1st... read more

Useful and practical three-piece set of storage tool pouches from Laser Tools
Tuesday 27 October 2020

Another storage solution from Laser Tools: this set of three multipurpose storage tool pouches (part number 7837), is ideal for carrying tools, spares, fixings, or handheld electronic devices, when you're on the... read more

Working on electric vehicles? These fully-featured safety work boots from Laser Tools offer 1000V protection!
Monday 19 October 2020

Safety first with these stylish and sturdy new fully insulated safety work boots from Laser Tools. With automotive technicians now frequently working with hybrid and fully electric vehicles, these have been designed as... read more

Reach difficult to access spark plug connectors with these new pliers from Laser Tools
Tuesday 29 September 2020

Spark plug connectors. The idea is that you just pop them off. Easy. But sometimes they can be difficult to get to, hidden down in the engine bay, or even at the back of the engine. They might be oily and dirty and if... read more

Repair damaged spark plug threads with this spark plug thread chaser
Thursday 17 September 2020

Laser Tools have just introduced a new spark plug service tool designed to get you out of trouble and speed things up — the spark plug thread chaser (part number 7831). Spark plugs can be difficult to remove but also... read more

Laser Tools to sponsor football team — in a comic book!
Monday 14 September 2020

IT’S FOOTBALL SPONSORSHIP – but not as we know it.  Go-ahead Midlands-based company Laser Tools, sponsors of the BTCC motor racing team Laser Tools Racing, has now added football to their portfolio, with one... read more

Compact, one-handed, fuel line disconnector from Laser Tools
Tuesday 08 September 2020

The new “Scarab” quick-connector disconnect tool from Laser Tools (part number 7826) is a unique EU-registered design for the fast removal of two-button type quick connectors, as used on many common automotive fuel, oil... read more

Comfortably work under the dashboard with this mechanic’s support bench
Tuesday 01 September 2020

Under-dash work. You’re getting your hair caught in the pedals and just about breaking your spine on the sill. Or you’re on your knees trying to crane your neck through 180° — not very comfortable! This is all a thing... read more

Heavy-duty, fully adjustable HGV wheel bearing lock nut tool
Tuesday 25 August 2020

This new adjustable wheel bearing lock nut tool (part number 7818) has just been introduced into the HGV range of Laser Tools. This is a heavy-duty, fully adjustable, wheel bearing lock nut tool specifically designed... read more