3948 Brake Pipe Corrosion Tool 220mm

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A specialist, MOT compliant, tool that safely removes dirt and corrosion from brake pipes before inspection. The curvature of the two scraper notches matches the brake pipe diameter to avoid damaging the pipes whilst scraping. A unique, patented design that enables the user to inspect brake pipes easily, ideal for MOT and servicing requirements. A quality tool manufactured from stainless steel with a cushioned handle.

  • Specialist, MOT compliant brake pipe corrosion inspection tool.
  • Patented design (GB2390405) features two pipe scraper notches for damage-free scraping.
  • Essential for service maintenance and pre-MOT inspection.
  • Total tool length: 220mm; with ergonomic soft grip handle.
  • For longer tool, please see Laser Part No. 7777.
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Product Video available
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Brake Pipe Corrosion Tool (3948)

The Safe Way to Check for Corrosion

Examining brake pipes, during an MOT for example, is often a case of scraping the pipe with a screwdriver - and frequently damaging it.

Laser Tools unique Brake Pipe Corrosion Tool (part 3948) is the simple answer for brake pipe examination. The hardy tool has two scraper areas that quickly and safely remove dirt and corrosion, revealing the true state of the pipe work beneath.

The Laser Tools Patented Brake Corrosion tool

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