Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Set Part No. 4597

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£113.90 exc VAT
£136.68 inc VAT

This set of four Diesel Injector cutters ensures that the injector seat is bored to the exact dimension when replacing or reconditioning the diesel injectors, avoiding blow back and poor emissions.

Additional Information

  • Used for re-cutting injector seats when reconditioning the diesel injectors.
  • Set of 4 cutters: 17mm flat cutter with 19mm external diameter for Mercedes-Benz CRD.
  • 15mm flat cutter with 19mm external diameter for other makes.
  • 17mm angles cutter with 21mm external diameter for Fiat | Iveco.
  • 17mm flat cutter with 17mm external diameter for BMW | PSA | Renault.
  • Ce kit est utilisé pour préparer le siège de l'injecteur avant de réinstaller un nouvel injecteur
  • Contient 4 cutters spécifiques: 17mm plat pour mercedes - 15mm plat - 17mm angulé pour Fiat / Iveco - 17mm pour PSA / Renault / BMW
  • Si votre moteur est particulièrement calaminé, il vous faudra nettoyer le siège de l'injecteur avant de redéposer une nouvelle rondelle d'étanchéité
  • Penser à utiliser de la graisse sur le cutter lors de l'utilisation.
Injector blow by can be the cause of many problems on Common Rail Diesel engines. Bad starting, uneven, smokey tick over, lumpy running, hesitation on acceleration and black deposits around the injectors are all an indication that the diesel injectors need to be re-seated or replaced.

Eventually these problems will affect the vehicles' ECU and cause over fuelling of the cylinder head.

Even after the diesel injector is removed, cleaned and a new copper washer fitted it may not always rectify the problem. Often the seat of the injector has been damaged due to constant erosion from escaping combustion gases.

The only way is to resolve this is to reface the injector seat.

This new Diesel Injector Cutter Set for BMW, Mercedes, Citroen, Peugeot and Renault comes complete with Centring Pilot, T Handled Driver and four cutters in 19mm (Flat and angled) 17mm and 15mm. Blow mould storage case keeps the kit together

The Diesel Injector Seat Cutter (Part Number 4597) typical retail price is around £89.99.

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  • 17mm Cutter from 4597 (Part No. 1835)
  • 17mm, 19mm Cutter for 4597 (Part No. 1836)
  • 17mm, 21mm Cutter (Part No. 1837)
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