Manual Brake Bleeder 2.0 litre Part No. 4832

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£111.92 exc VAT
£134.30 inc VAT

Manual brake bleeder designed for use with most brake master cylinder reservoirs with Euro Adaptor (reservoir neck 44mm)

Additional Information

  • 2 litre capacity tank.
  • One way syphoning method.
  • Operating pressure 10psi/Maximum pressure rating 30psi.
  • Quick connector and pressure release valve.
  • Pressure gauge 0-70psi (0-5bar).
  • Réservoir de 2.0L
  • Methode de syphonage unidirectionnelle
  • Pression d'opération 10 PSI (0.7 Bar) - Pression maximum autorisée 30 PSI (2 bars) Manometre de pression 0-70 PSI (0-5 Bars)
  • Raccord rapide et valve de dépressurisation
  • Manometre de pression 0-70 PSI (0-5 Bars)
This simple 2 litre Brake Bleeder (Laser Part No. 4832) is a must for bleeding brakes single handed. The easy to pump action and visual gauge allows this task to be performed quickly and effectively with the minimum of effort. An adaptor is supplied for fitting to European vehicles.

For further information on the 2 Litre Brake Bleeder contact the Marketing Department on 01926 818196 or e-mail

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