5134 Copper & Rawhide Hammer

Made in the United Kingdom Consumable Item Spares

Multi-purpose, soft faced hammer for assembly, repair and maintenance. Helps to prevent damage to components and accessories.

  • Head length: 108mm; face diameter: 37mm.
  • Overall length: 310mm; handle length: 260mm.
  • Rawhide absorbs shock and transfers it to the item being struck. Copper face made from 99.9% pure extruded copper rod.
  • Made in UK.
  • Spare heads available - please see Laser Part No. 5135 (copper face) and 5136 (rawhide face).
TSP: £64.62 ex VAT £77.54 inc VAT
Made in the United Kingdom Consumable Item Spares
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Spares/Consumable Spares
We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.
Description Spare Item No.
Replacement Copper Face 5135
Replacement Rawhide Face 5136

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