Plastic Riveter with 40 Rivets Part No. 5494

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Plastic Riveter Set with 40 plastic rivets.

Additional Information

  • Head accepts all supplied sizes - no need to change nose piece.
  • 10 of each rivets 5mmx15.8mm | 5mmx17.2mm | 6.6mmx17.2mm | 6.3mmx25.2mm.
  • Long reach head for hard to reach spots 215mm x 92mm x 30mm
  • One handed operation
  • Cushion grips/locking button
  • La tête de la pince à rivet accepte toutes les tailles fournies - inutile de changer la tête
  • Contenu: 10 rivets de chaque taille: 5mmx15.8mm | 5mmx17.2mm | 6.6mmx17.2mm | 6.3mmx25.2mm.
  • Tête allongée pour permettre d'atteindre les espaces confinés : 215mm x 92mm x 30mm
  • Opération à l'aide d'une main
  • Manche ergonomique et bouton pressoir de blocage
Laser Tools have just introduce a plastic pop riveter (part no: 5494) with cushioned grips for comfortable one-handed operation.

Plastic pop rivets are often used in applications that require lightweight solutions, have conductivity issues, require ease of installation or require removability. The Laser 5494 has a long reach head for accessibility and the design lets the head accept all the supplied sizes of rivet — there is no need to change the nose piece. 40 rivets are supplied in 4 sizes from 5mm to 6.6mm.

Useful for trim applications, a very robust and well made tool that will be useful for both modern and classic cars and in many non-automotive industries.

For further details, please contact the Marketing Department: 01926 818196.

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5494 Product Information Sheet
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  • 10 x 6.3mm x 25.2mm Rivet from 3477 & 5494 (Part No. 0144)
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