Front Wheel Bearing Tool - Ford Transit Part No. 5545

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Ford Transit Front Wheel Bearing Remover (5545)
Ford Transit Front Wheel Bearing Remover (5545)

Typical Price:

£210.70 exc VAT
£252.84 inc VAT

Specifically for Ford Transit front wheel bearings 2000 onwards

Additional Information

  • Use with impact force screw provided (A press is required to put the wheel bearings back on)
  • Allows separation from suspension upright of the bearing housing/drive flange assemble for disc removal
  • Designed to be used with the hub left on the vehicle
  • Designed to separate the drive flange from the bearing to allow drive flange to be re-used
  • Registered Design
  • Kann mit Gleithammer und Adapter verwendet werden (einzeln erhältlich)
  • Ermöglicht die Trennung der Stoßdämpfer senkrecht zum Lagergehäuse / Antriebsflansch zur Entfernung der Scheiben
  • Keine Presse nötig
  • Ermöglicht die Wiederverwendung des Antriebsflansch
  • Hergestellt in Sheffield
Removing the front wheel bearing from the (2006 onwards) Ford Transit is a job that needs a strong and robust specialist puller and the Laser Tools 5545 has been designed to simplify this often difficult job. Once the bearing has been removed it leaves behind the inner race and this is removed using the Inner Bearing Removal Tool (part no: 5738) which is used in conjunction with 5545.

Designed and manufactured in the UK by Laser Tools at their manufacturing plant in Sheffield, these new additions to the range are designed to be used with the hub left on the vehicle. The first operation removes the complete bearing / drive flange assembly from the vehicle, then the second operation removes the bearing from the assembly, allowing the drive flange to be reused. The inner race remains in place however, and traditionally this could only be removed by cutting away with an angle grinder with the very real risk of damaging the stub axle and rendering it unserviceable. The 5738 inner bearing removal tool is now assembled to the 5545 and the inner race removed, the engineered design gripping the taper securely, allowing smooth removal and an undamaged stub axle.

Professional tools for the professional technician. Available now at a typical price of £332.38 for the 5545 puller and £248.92 (both + VAT) but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

Detailed video on the Tool Connection YouTube channel:

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We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.

  • Impact Force Screw (Part No. 5500)
Made in the United Kingdom EU Registered Design
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