5621 Power Wheel Nut Wrench

1/2" Drive Go Thru Socket Ratchet mechanism with 72 teeth Spares

Power wheel nut wrench 1/2"D.

  • Power wheel nut wrench for loosening stubborn wheel nuts.
  • Supplied with 17, 19, 21mm deep sockets.
  • Torque multiplier increases torque by 3.5 by using the lever armThe lever arm should never be used to tighten nuts due to the possibility of over tightening.
  • Removes stubborn wheel nuts quickly and easily.
  • Complete with Go Thru ratchet, spare 1/2"D available - please see Laser Part No. 0690.
TSP: £85.42 ex VAT £102.50 inc VAT

Power wheel nut wrench 1/2"D.

  • Kraft-Radmutternschlüssel zum Lösen von festsitzenden Radmuttern.
  • Lieferung mit Steckaufsätzen 17, 19, 21mm
  • Durch Verwendung des Hebelarms Erhöhung des Drehmoments um das 3,5-Fache. Der Hebelarm sollte nie zum Anziehen von Muttern/Bolzen genutzt werden, da dies zu überhöhter Krafteinwirkung führen kann.
  • Löst festsitzende Radmuttern schnell und einfach
  • Komplett mit Drehratsche
TSP: £85.42 ex VAT £102.50 inc VAT
1/2" Drive Go Thru Socket Ratchet mechanism with 72 teeth Spares
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Press Release
Power Wheel Nut Wrench

Remove overtightened wheel nuts quickly and easily with this power wheel nut wrench (Laser part no: 5621). When the reflex bar of the wrench is placed against the ground the ratchet handle increases torque applied by a factor of 3.5, to persuade the most stubborn of wheel nuts or bolts to undo.

The 1/2" drive shank can also be pushed through to enable the wrench to be used as an ordinary ratchet handle to initially tighten up wheel nuts or bolts before final tightening with a torque wrench.

Three commonly used wheel nut deep sockets are included, 17mm, 19mm and 21mm.

Supplied in a sturdy blow-mould case, the power wrench is useful for car or workshop

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