Motorcycle/Car Brake Bleeder Part No. 5780

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5780 Motorcycle and Car brake bleeder
5780 Motorcycle and Car brake bleeder

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£61.40 exc VAT
£73.68 inc VAT

Part of the Motorcycle range of tools - also useful on cars with twin bleed

Additional Information

  • One litre capacity
  • Equipped with a “hands free” trigger clip
  • Uses standard workshop air to generate a vacuum
  • Twin bleed nipple connectivity ideal for bleeding 2 wheels at once, twin calipers fitted to motorcycles or the twin nipples fitted too many multi-piston calipers as found on high end and competition vehicles
  • Removes fluid using vacuum through brake nipples for bleeding or entire fluid replacement
  • Bremsenentlüfter
  • Fassungsvermögen 1 Liter
  • Zur Entlüftung beider Räder oder auch eines einzelnen Rads
  • Betrieb über den in Werkstätten vorhandenen Druckluftanschluss
  • Entfernt während der Entlüftung oder während des Flüssigkeitswechsels Flüssigkeiten von Bremsnippeln
  • Purgeur de frein bénéficiant d'une capacité d' 1 litre
  • Dispose d'un mécanisme pour bloquer la gachette et vous laisse travailler les mains libres.
  • Ce purgeur bénéficie de 2 adaptateurs de purge, ce qui lui permet de purger soit 2 roues à la fois, soit les doubles étriers sur motos, soit sur les étriers à multi pistons sur les voitures de courses / Rally
  • S'utilise avec un compresseur pour générer une dépression
Having difficulty bleeding twin brake calipers or multi-piston calipers with a bleed nipple each side? Laser Tools has the solution. Sometimes when bleeding one nipple at a time air can be trapped when the nipple is lower than the pipe or channel feeding the other piston or caliper. With the dual-feed brake bleeder, part no: 5780, the fluid is drawn out through both bleed nipples together, pulling trapped air and old fluid straight out.

This is particularly useful when working on motorcycles equipped with twin front calipers or brake calipers fitted with multiple bleed nipples (often found on competition multi-piston calipers).

Standard workshop compressed air is used to generate an internal vacuum and brake bleeding becomes a one man operation — it is also a terrific timesaver.

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More details from and watch the video on the Tool Connection YouTube channel:

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