Diesel Injector Seat Cleaner Set - 14pc Part No. 6101

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6101 | LaserTools Diesel Seat Cleaner Set
6101 | LaserTools Diesel Seat Cleaner Set

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Part of the specialist range for Diesel engines.

Additional Information

  • For cleaning diesel injector seats prior to fitting new injectors
  • Contents include: 2 x Silicone Nylon brushes 15mm | 20mm
  • 3 x Brass coated Steel wire brushes 18mm | 22mm | 25mm, 1 x Steel wire injector nozzle port cleaner
  • 224mm long bit driver with quick chuck, 6 x port sealing plugs plus insertion rod
  • Packed in a blow mould case
  • Permet de nettoyer le siège de l'injecteur avant de poser un nouvel injecteur
  • Contient: 2 brosses en Sylicone Nylon de 15mm et 20mm
  • 3 brosses avec une finition en laiton 18mm | 22mm | 25mm et une brosse en acier pour la buse de l'injecteur
  • 6 bouchons d'obturation de la buse , un porte bouchon d'obturation et une extension de 224 mm avec une prise 6 pans pour visseuse.
  • Video disponible
Part of the Laser Tools’ specialist range for diesel engines, this kit (part number 6101) provides everything for efficient cleaning of the injector port and seating surface prior to fitting new injectors. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles, and helps to avoid blow-back due to poorly seated injectors.

The kit contains three brass coated steel wire brushes for cleaning the carbon deposits from the inner side walls of the port and two silicone-nylon brushes for cleaning the base / injector seat area. These silicone-nylon brushes are specially designed to give a smooth and consistent finish to the aluminium surface, particularly important on the base sealing area, where ordinary steel wire brushes will tear and abrade the aluminium seat surface, meaning that the seat area may have to be recut.

A set of six plugs (plus insertion rod) are provided to seal off the injector nozzle ports at the bottom of the main injector port, to stop any carbon or dirt entering the combustion chamber during the cleaning process, and a thin bore wire brush is provided to clean the injector nozzle port.

The technician will find the set really useful for this tricky job. Terrific value and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier.

We have the following spare parts/accessories available for this product.

  • Injector Nozzle Port Cleaner from 6101 (Part No. 2874)
  • 3pc Brass Brush Set from 6101 (Part No. 2875)
  • Quick Chuck Flexible Extension from 6101 (Part No. 2876)
  • Insertion Rod from 6101 (Part No. 2877)
  • Insertion Rod from 6101 (Part No. 2877)
  • Injector Nozzle Port Sealing Plugs 6pc from 6101 (Part No. 2878)
  • 2pc Nylon Brush Set from 6101 (Part No. 2879)
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