Thermal Camera with UV Leak Detector Part No. 6515

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Thermal Imaging Camera with UV leak detection
Thermal Imaging Camera with UV leak detection

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A Thermal Imaging Camera that generates a visual coloured image of the heat spread on whatever area it is pointed at. It can be used to show the heat build up in all sorts of components and systems. It can also be used to quickly find hot and cold spots in cooling systems, air con systems, exhaust systems engine manifolds, wheel bearings, brake systems, electrical wiring circuits and even race car tyres.

Additional Information

  • Thermal Imaging Camera that generates a visual coloured image of the heat spread on whatever area it is pointed at. The sensitive thermal imagery usefully shows component outlines to subsequent identification of problem areas or components
  • The unit incorporates a laser pointer and 5 ultra violet LED’s to help detect A/C refrigerant loss.
  • The product is fitted with a Laser pointer with a distance spot ratio of 30:1. Scale -30-650°C
  • An excellent diagnostic tool for many professions including building, plumbing, energy loss inspection, automotive, aeronautical and marine.
  • Excellent for predicting problems before failure. CE Certificated and RoHS compliant
  • Das Produkt ist mit einem Laser-Pointer mit einem Laserfleckverhältnis von 30:1 ausgestattet
  • 5 blaue UV-LEDs für die Erkennung von Kältemittel
  • Kann zur Messung der Temperatur auf Rennreifen genutzt werden
  • Ebenfalls nützlich im Bausektor, z. B. Sanitär, Energieprüfung, Isolierung, Dächer usw.
  • Ausgezeichnet für die Erkennung von Problemen vor einem Defekt
  • La caméra thermique est équippé d'un laser avec un ratio de distance de 30:1 et de 5 LED UV permettant d'identifier les fuites sur la climatisation
  • Outil diagnostique performant pour identifier les défauts avant leur apparition
  • Diagnostique automobile: Circuit de refroidissement - identifie rapidement les fuites sur le radiateur, le thermostat et la climatisation en observant les différences de température sur les points chauds et froids • Mauvais contact identifiés sur un cyli
  • Tuning/racing • Répartition de la chaleur du pneu • Chaleur vue dans l'échappement indique une restriction ou obturation du gaz d'échappement • Température sur les roulements • Câblage, Circuit de refroidissement, chauffage
  • Electricité pour construction - diagnostic et test sur chauffage, ventilation et climatisation. • Circulation au niveau du chauffage centrale • Localiser des tuyaux chauds sous carrelage par exemple. • Le flux dand les radiateurs - un blocage dans ce flu

This new hand-held thermal imaging camera from Laser Tools (part number 6515) combines the function of a surface measuring infrared thermometer with real-time thermal imaging. The device translates thermal energy (heat) into visible light (on screen) to enable analysis of a particular object or area. Instead of just getting a figure for the temperature, you get an on-screen image showing the actual temperature differences of a surface. This lets you see the heat so you know exactly where to target the measurement spot. Easily find unseen hot and cold spots for instant troubleshooting.

The Laser 6515 provides fast temperature readings without physically touching the object. It can safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without contaminating or damaging the object.  A big feature of the Laser unit is the sensitivity of the thermal imagery — it usefully shows component outlines to aid subsequent identification of problem areas or components.

Save images and data for documentation, and download your images quickly via the removable microSD card or connect straight to a PC or laptop.

The Laser 6515 also features a UV leak detector function. For example, detecting leaks in cooling systems and air-conditioning systems when a suitable UV indicator dye is used.

Automotive applications include, inspecting for irregular friction, overheating from mechanical misalignments, binding bearings or brake components, heated seat element malfunctions, checking vehicle heating and air-conditioning systems, engine radiator and thermostat function, exhaust manifolds, injector/cylinder malfunctions, diesel engine glow-plug malfunctions, high resistance in high-current wiring and hot electrical connection issues.

Building, electrical and maintenance applications include, missing, damaged or inadequate insulation, damp/moisture intrusion, radiators and under-floor heating, air-conditioning systems, identification of hot and cold pipework, heat loss from seals, frames or windows, high resistance in high-current wiring and hot electrical connection issues, etc.

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