Headlight Torch - Rechargeable 3watt Part No. 6808

Typical Price:

£15.82 exc VAT
£18.98 inc VAT

Headlight torch, rechargeable 3 watt with adjustable focus

Additional Information

  • Switchable half light /full light/strobe light/off
  • 3W CREE LED bulb with Adjustable focus
  • ABS case with polymer battery charging by USB cable
  • Working time full and strobe 2-3 hours, half light 4-5 hours
  • Charging time approx 3 hours
  • Umschaltbar Halblicht/Volllicht/Stroboskop/Aus
  • Verstellbarer Fokus
  • ABS-Koffer mit Polymer-Batterie, Aufladung per USB-Kabel
  • Betriebszeit Voll- und Stroboskoplicht 2–3 Stunden, Halblicht 4–5 Stunden
  • Ladedauer ca. 3 Stunden
  • 4 fonctions: 50 % - 100 % - clignotante - off
  • Zoom ajustable
  • Batterie réalisée en plastique ABS et qui se charge par câble USB
  • Durée de vie de la batterie - 2 à 3 heures en pleine puissante et clignotante. 4 à 5 heures en puissance 50%
  • Durée de chargement - approximativement 3 heures.

The great advantage of Laser Tools’ new rechargeable head light torch (part number 6808) over the traditional workshop lead lamp is that wherever you are looking, you have light. Lightweight and comfortable, the adjustable strap holds the lamp securely and the 3 watt Cree bulb offers bright, hands-free illumination.

The head unit on the ABS case is adjustable through 90 degrees, and the light can be set to full power, reduced power and strobe modes. The beam can be focused by turning the head unit to concentrate the light on a specific area if necessary.

The built-in polymer battery is charged from your PC via the supplied USB cable. Working time for full and strobe setting is three hours; reduced power will last for four to five hours. The charging time is approximately three hours.

The head light torch is excellent value and available now from your Laser Tools supplier.

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