Precision Diesel Injector Seat Cutting for Optimal Performance!

Precision Diesel Injector Seat Cutting for Optimal Performance!

Tuesday 17 October 2023
New to the Laser Tools range — this Diesel Injector Seat-Cutter Master Kit (part number 8667), is a set of precision injector seat cutters (plus an injector base cleaner), that ensures optimal performance when replacing or reconditioning the diesel injectors, avoiding blow back and poor emissions.

By using these precision cutting tools, you can guarantee that the injector bore area is clean and properly faced to meet the required dimensions. Say goodbye to performance issues and ensure your diesel engine operates at peak efficiency.

The kit includes 14 diesel injector seat cutters: 14mm flat; 15.5mm flat; 15.5mm angled; 7x17.5mm; 17x19.5mm; 17x20mm; 17.5x20.5mm angled; 17mm angled; 17mm flat; 15x19mm flat; 17x19mm flat; 17x21mm angled; 18x21mm flat and 20x21mm flat. In addition, the kit also includes a 15.5mm injector tube reamer, ensuring comprehensive coverage for various injector types and sizes.

The 8667 injector seat-cutter master kit comes with a T-bar driver equipped with a 19mm hex socket. This is specifically designed for driving the cutters, ensuring efficient and accurate cutting performance. Please note that the T-bar driver is not intended for use with power tools.

You’ll achieve efficient diesel injector maintenance with this comprehensive kit. Ensure your diesel engine performs at its best and enjoy optimal fuel efficiency and emissions performance. Now available for purchase at Laser Tools’ stockists and online tool retailers.