Super-tough 3/4"-drive & 1.0"-drive extendable ratchet handles from Laser Tools

Super-tough 3/4"-drive & 1.0"-drive extendable ratchet handles from Laser Tools

Wednesday 06 March 2024
In busy commercial vehicle and industrial workshops, you’ll have a requirement for strong, dependable breaker bars for larger wheel and chassis nuts and bolts. Breaker bars that can handle huge torques, for very tight and corroded fasteners. Be good if they had a ratcheting action also. But you cannot use a ratchet handle as a breaker bar — you’ll damage the ratchet mechanism! But what if…?

What if Laser Tools introduced two new super-strong extendible ratchet handles, a 3/4"-drive version and a 1.0"-drive version, that were equipped with a ratchet lock-out button, that allows them to be used as breakers bars? Wow!

Part number 8791 is the 3/4"-drive version, it’s equipped with a tough 43-tooth ratchet mechanism and the telescopic handle sports six fixed positions, extending from 620mm to 1020mm. Press the lock button, the ratchet is protected and you can confidently apply a maximum load of 1,412Nm.

The 1.0"-drive version is part number 8792; 43-tooth ratchet and the six-position handle extends from 610mm to 1000mm. Once the ratchet is locked the maximum load capacity is 2.515Nm!

Both tools are manufactured from strong, shock-resistant chrome-vanadium steel, with a smooth chrome-plated finish and knurled hand grip. Excellent additions to the busy workshop tool kit.

Experience the Laser Tools advantage and get your extendible ratchet handles today from your Laser Tools stockist and online retailers.